Beware of the angry Chickens!!


  • ChickenAway

Help the farmer or the farmer wife (check the market) to pick eggs, jump on platforms, wells, get on the zip line, avoid obstacles and dodge angry chickens…Be the number 1 by travelling the larger distance.

Use weapons to destroy obstacles. The corn will help you to avoid mad-chickens. use the mallet to destroy everything.

Enter into the chicken-house and travel to a dangerous volcanic world and earn eggs/lives/weapons to boost your score.

The Market

Sell your collected eggs. get gold and purchase corn (to distract the angry chickens) or mallets (to destroy obstacles), or purchase the farmer’s wife or buy more lives to keep playing without restarting.





Nahezu weltweit wie schreibe ich eine hausarbeit verbreitetes genres der populären musik, die nicht nur für den tango zum ausgangspunkt wurde.